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We would love to partner with you! Our goal is to deal in every species that is available to our fishermen in each season. We want to provide an incredible market that showcases Dungeness crab, salmon, halibut, spot prawns and snow crab! Divers are collecting geo duck, sea cucumber and green urchins. Don't forget about clams, oysters and scallops. 


We can't wait to support you! We are all about supporting local fishermen and divers who are sustaining the culture of what it means to hold the tradition of the Coast Salish people. We also serve fishermen with State licenses. We aim to keep the market fair and make sure the people who are working the hardest; are getting paid fairly. Our staff at Catch NW got their start the same way you did. We see how hard you are working. 



Just like our slogan states - we are hooked on fresh seafood, but building community is even more important to us. Feeding people is an age old sign of hospitality and caring. If providing seafood for you allows you to feed your people; we have done our job! 

Seafood is highly seasonal. At times, we will have abundance and other times we might only have frozen options. Either way, we are always working towards the next fishery that will bring tide to your table. 

Your best bet before heading out to Catch NW is to call to see what's available or check our Facebook page. 


Who is Catch NW?

Catch NW is a local fish plant owned and operated by Armando Brionez. Armando's Lummi heritage is a huge part of his life as he grew up fishing with his grandfather Ray Morris and his stepdad Bernie Finkbonner. Armando and his brother Ryan ventured out on their own as teenagers and made their dream a reality. Armando lived out that dream for another 18 years after Ryan passed away. Now he is honoring his brother and best friend by serving fishermen in another capacity; by creating a fair market that acknowledges their hard work and dedication. 

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